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Salad Bowl Collective is the partnership of Trent Sellars and Elodie Boal, a dynamic Queensland duo who share a passion for producing immersive events and captivating media experiences. With their combined expertise in planning, production, branding, and promotion, they offer a professional approach to events and media.




Elodie Boal


Elodie Boal is an award-winning published playwright, director, producer and actor with over a decades experience. She has independently produced several productions, including her own original works. A journalist at heart, Elodie's work has been printed in many publications.

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Trent Sellars


Trent Sellars is a full stack designer based in regional Queensland. Currently a Product/CX Designer in the education sector and freelancing as The Digital Caretaker. Trent is co-founder of Theatre Haus and Salad Bowl Collective; occasionally reviewing, performing, or producing cultural events.

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A Night With The Villains

This Halloween, we invite you to unleash your inner demons and join us for a sinister symphony of villainous melodies.

A Night With The Villains is a mesmerizing concert celebration dedicated to all things evil! Prepare to be enchanted by a spellbinding lineup of talented local performers, as they take the stage and lead you on a captivating journey through the most villainous of musical hits.

Mark your calendars! This one-of-a-kind event will awaken the darkness within, so don your most diabolical costumes and revel in the wickedness.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"An electrifying fusion of eerie ambience and haunting melodies. A must-attend event for every villain-at-heart."




Theatre Haus

Theatre Haus was launched in 2019 to fill a void in the market for critical feedback and promotion of local theatre and events in the greater Brisbane region.

With a combined social media reach (alongside Salad Bowl Collective) of 15k, Theatre Haus remains SBC's strongest and most recognisable brand.

With the support of 30+ writer/reviewers operating on a barter system, Theatre Haus provides entertainment reviews, news and more.

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First working together in 2014, Trent and Elodie have been collaborating on live entertainment and media for nearly a decade. 

Brisbane born and raised, the two have shared the stage for plays, musicals, tributes and festivals. With skills both an on and off stage, they've also produced, promoted and marketed numerous events over the years.

 In 2019, they established Theatre Haus, a digital platform for entertainment news and reviews in Brisbane and beyond. 

As Salad Bowl Collective, they've co-produced several successful projects including a season of popular Queensland play 'X-Stacy', a Valentine's rendition of 'Another Ed Sheeran Tribute', festival runs and more.


Mira Ball


Mira Ball Productions is an independent theatre producer committed to creating immersive and engaging shows that captivate audiences.


Our Yakka


Our Yakka are experience makers. They make meaningful experiences, unify communities, nurture development, and inspire individuals.